Covid-19 Vaccine Trials


Pakistan will soon start clinical trials for the vaccine against the deadly coronavirus in the second quarter of 2021, and are actively recruiting volunteers for the trials. The government of Pakistan has set elderly people as their priority so that they get vaccinated earlier. As a populous state, it will be quite a challenge for the front liners to get each and everyone vaccinated as it has already been challenging during the fight against the pandemic. Special associate to the Prime Minister on National Health Services and one of Pakistan’s top doctors of contagious diseases, Dr. Faisal Sultan additionally reported that the vaccination preliminaries were to be done free of cost for people in general.

Pakistan has partnered with CanSino Biologics and the Institute of Biology at China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, who have manufactured the vaccine called, Ad5. The vaccine contains an altered type of adenovirus (cold infection) which will carry the genetic components of the new Covid-19 into the blood cells. When human cells are presented with this they will start making a Covid protein and the body’s immune system will perceive the protein and assault it.

However, there are many roadblocks in convincing people to volunteer for the vaccine trials, the worrying factor for the people remains the safety of these vaccines; vaccines are not seen by all as beneficial, and the nation’s bitter experience in the polio infection has appeared, Anti-vaccine groups are eager to utilize religion as a tool against vaccinators. There is so far no sign of any push to counter the purposeful publicity that is practically sure to ascend. That must be a fundamental component of any vaccination technique. To prove the vaccines beneficial and harmless for the people, the government officials should film themselves getting vaccinated while intending to assure the public of the safety and efficiency of coronavirus vaccines.


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