COVID-19 Resurgence and Political Turmoil


With each passing day, our country records the highest day due to virus resurgence and in the meantime, there is a political upheaval taking place from the opposition parties alliance, also known as Pakistan Democratic Movement. The incumbent government has requested the opposition leaders to take the situation of COVID resurgence in an account and postpone their rallies, as the administrative authorities had already prohibited the mass gathering. However, the conventions of opposition parties are taking place one after another, even though the opposition leaders themselves have suffered from the infection of the novel virus. These leaders committed that the conventions and rallies will be in compliance with government directives and SOPs but the news reports present a different image. It is undeniable that it is a democratic right of every citizen to exercise their right to express and move freely but it is also their responsibility to take the larger problem in account here and avoid mass-gatherings and movement. It is a dilemma of our country that political turmoil and instability affected the socio-economic development of the country every now and then. However, today the situation is much different as the education institutes are closed, hospitals are overflown by the infected patients and the death toll is rising higher than ever. At this time, all we need is to halt our movement and avoid social gatherings because the government have invested a huge sum on the containment measures and it comes at a cost of the all taxes and sacrifices we all law-abiding and hard-working citizens pay with our sweat and blood. We already know that wearing a mask is not enough, which is why these nation-wide lockdowns have been imposed across the globe. If at this moment the government or administrative bodies take stern action against the opposition, it will be considered as a hurdle in the democracy but if they do not take any action, it will make all the progress we have achieved so far in vain. The choice is ours because, we the citizens, make everything happen, or not.



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