Covid 19 and Evolving Trends


covid crisis is disturbing because it has numerous new and unacquainted features. A global medical emergency caused by a virus we still do not fully comprehend. A self-inflicted economic catastrophe as an essential policy reply to contain its spread. And yet as time has passed, it has also become clear that much of what is most worrying about this crisis is not new at all. Striking variations in COVID-19 infections and outcomes appear to imitate present financial inequalities. Extraordinary mismatches between the social value of what key workers do and the low wages they obtain follow from the conversant failure of the market to value sufficiently what really matters. The happy embrace of disinformation and misinformation about the virus was to be expected, given a decade of increasing populism and decreasing faith in experts. In addition, the absence of a correctly coordinated international response ought to have come as no astonishment due to the global politics in recent years. The crisis then is a revelation in a far more accurate sense as it is concentrating our cooperative consideration on the many injustices and weaknesses that already exist in how we live together. If people were blind to these faults before, it is hard not to see them now.What will the world look like after COVID-19? Many of the glitches we will face in the next decade will simply be more extreme versions of those that we already confront today. The world will only look meaningfully different this time if, as we arise from this crisis, we decide to take action to resolve these problems and bring about fundamental change.

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