Coup in Myanmar


Myanmar borders; India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand, hereafter consists of variety of above 130 ethnic groups. The ethnic violence turned worse as Burma assumed its independence, 1948. Power was handed to the majority of Burmese, leaving behind the other ethnic communities in lurch. In the initial 10 to 15 years there were serious issues related to the rebellions and here is when military thought it was the only capable institution to use its power to bring stability to the state and also to ensure that the state remains under the control of Burmese majority. Since then the military occupied directly or indirectly almost every public institution.
The rivalry in Myanmar is between the military and the pro-democratic movement led by NLD party. The country was closed to the world for fifty years. Gradually democratic culture began to spur, Aung San Suu Kyi emerged as an opposition against the military. She was kept under fifteen years of house arrest, her efforts for peace and democratic culture won her a noble prize. Gradually democracy was growing, a referendum was held, foreign investment soared and in 2015 NLD party won a great victory. Things were changing from within; people have enjoyed the flavor of freedom in every possible term of democracy, whether it is media, civil society or communications and now it is difficult to put that all in the bottle once again.
Myanmar’s ten years journey to democracy appears to be over. Military in Myanmar is announcing state of emergency. Recently Aung san Suu Kyi deposed through a military coup took place on 1st February 2021. Army has declared a state of emergency for the next year, politicians are being arrested, and social media is jammed. Streets are rushed down by the crowd surging the crowd of 2007 uprising against the military. Protestors and some activists have called for civil disobedience. Military pose a conflict with parliamentary elections, as NLD won 80 % of the votes and military termed it as a fraud. In contemporary scenario the major powers of the world are showing their concerns and America, Russia and other European states are criticizing the military but china took a different stance that it is the internal matter of a sovereign state, Myanmar.

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