Corruption free Pakistan


The PTI came into power with the manifesto of breaking the well-established structures of exploitation and dominance imposed by the different powerful segments within Pakistan . The regional inequality persists in our country. It has triggered by the unequal distribution of development funds and under-development is conveniently attributed to corruption. At this stage, Pakistan ranks the lowest in South Asia in terms of health expenditure as it spends less than 0.5 percent of its GDP on the sector. The need to understand structural transformations in Pakistan’s political economy, its impact on democratic transition, and vice versa, is more important today than ever before. This vision of a renewed Pakistan is certainly one for which many of Pakistan’s 200 million people have been waiting. Imran Khan’s offer of sincere new leadership was directed to the common man, frustrated with Pakistan’s many problems. As signs of intent, Imran’s first cabinet meeting did set up a task force to fight corruption. A reformed police model developed in his own frontier region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was suggested for the Punjab. The great mass of the population is poor, young and either poorly educated or illiterate. They have the most to gain from social reform. Yet many are socially conservative and suspicious of modernising change seen as aping western values. Initially when Imran khan came into power there were many obstacles. Exports were fallen well behind sharply rising imports, especially from capital equipment and coal for 21 power projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation (CPEC). These, funded by a mixture of debt and equity, are guaranteed by government but are not included in the official external debt of more than USD 90 billion. More electrical power and infrastructure was needed and only China seemed ready to supply the capital required. Things improved gradually and the commitment of curbing corruption is still on. The current government is no doubt the first incumbent government facing the hard-core opposition but still moving along with its commitment. One thing is evident and every Pakistani want to let it done and this thing is eradication of corruption and malpractices in the Governance and political system of the country…

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