COPAIR Webinar- “Role of Media in Projecting the Soft Image of Pakistan”


Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR), Islamabad organized a virtual conference title “Role of Media in Projecting the soft Image of Pakistan.” Senior Journalist PTV World, Omar Khalid Butt moderated the Session. Mirza Masood Baig – Head PTV World and Media Strategist called for building a master narrative of state to promote the true image at the international level. He also urged for institutional cohesion, Public-Private partnerships, and empowerment of media regulatory bodies to hoist the media’s role in depicting the real image of Pakistan.

Naseem Siddiqui – Bureau Chief of a private Channel, while expressing his views on the pertinent topic stated that the real image of Pakistan shadowed by adversaries’ deceitful propaganda and it needs to undermine through further diversifying soft power imperatives, creating people to people linkage.

Zaryab Arif, a seasoned broadcast journalist emphasized media to introspect its role as most of the political and social entities in the modern-day pivot on the narrative building to further embalm their agenda in the mainstream.

Col. (retd.) Qasim Shah remarked that Pakistan’s real image can be built through keeping our house in order and addressing core social fault lines that will assist to grow us as a progressive society and it will avert misperceptions. He suggested that media needs to look inwards to make its role better for the promotion of Pakistan asa brand across the world.

Aman Shah Mashwani – Social Activist opinionated that our narrative should be aligned with state narrative. He also gave an inclusive about the essence of media and also called for the promotion of tourism, culture, and normative values through media for a better understanding of real Pakistan to the outer world.

Tanzeela Mazhar – underscored the role of media in building a positive and soft image of Pakistan is necessary. The media must be asked to help in building a better, positive Pakistan and to use the power it wields carefully in this regard.

President COPAIR Amna Malik proposed National Media Strategy to work on national Media Policy to encourage Media to foster a positive narrative of Pakistan. She further accentuated that journalists are Digital Diplomats and they deserve acknowledgment and appreciation. She mentioned National Media network can develop a positive network to portray the true image of Pakistan through its distinctive goals and policies vis-à-vis strengthening the media industry aligned with national interests.

Approximately 200 people from Pakistan and abroad, including representatives of the public and private organizations and students attended the two- and half-hour-long session virtually.

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