COPAIR funds TV cum conference hall for DBA Khushab


The TV cum Conference Hall built with the cooperation of Center for Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) was inau­gurated by President COPAIR Amna Malik during a ceremony at District Bar Association Khushab. The ceremony was well attended by a large number of lawyers including female advocates. During her address Amna Malik said that lawyers should play their active role to render justice to the deprived and unprivi­leged class of the society.

She emphasized that lawyers should utilize their potentials to dignify the judiciary and to demolish the injustice and oppression to the various classes of the society.

COPAIR is working in collaboration with Commonwealth on Educational and Clean Drinking Water Projects for Sargodha, like­wise we would effort for Sargodha Bench, which is the most important demand of lawyers of this area.More and more female lawyers in this area is a sign of women em­powerment, in the same way the male lawyers also increased, Khushab District Association requested COPAIR to fund a sitting place for them, so we are happy that today we have inaugurated TV cum Conference Hall for the lawyers of Khushab. Member Punjab Bar Council, Malik Habib Nawaz Tiwana, President District Bar Association, Malik Riaz Rajar and General Secretary, Malik Shahid Bhagoor also addressed the ceremony.

Addressing the lawyers community, President COPAIR Amna Malik said that Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) is ready to address the dire needs of the people of Khushab, especially the main issue of clean drinking water for the area,

She said that we would like to initiate dif­ferent welfare projects for the people of Khushab, especially clean drinking water is our top most priority, we can initiate micro-level pilot projects and can conduct surveys to find out the ways and mean for clean drinking water for the people of the area.

Amna Malik also highlighted projects of COPAIR and briefed on StartUp Pakistan, E-Women, Cyber Security Girl Scouts, PinkTaxi and other national level initiatives.

President District Bar Association, Malik Riaz Rajar thanked COPAIR and Amna Malik for their untiring efforts for District Bar Association Khushab, in providing E-Library in 2014 and now a TV cum Conference Hall for the lawyers of Khushab.

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