Constructive engagement of int’l community only way forward to address Afghanistan situation: FO

Upcoming session of OIC to be held next month in Pakistan is of great significance: FO


Islamabad: Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar says constructive engagement of the international community is the only way forward to address the looming humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel, he urged the world powers not to abandon Afghanistan in this critical situation.

The Spokesperson said peace and stability in Afghanistan are directly linked with tranquility in Pakistan and it always wanted a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

He said instability in Afghanistan for more than four decades had devastating effects on Pakistan, therefore, we always emphasized no military solution to the Afghanistan problem.

Asim Iftikhar said being the immediate neighbor and concerned about the consequences of instability in Afghanistan after 15th August, Pakistan had to play a crucial role and we did that in a productive manner.

He said the international community was sensitized and mobilized to stay engaged with Afghanistan to deal with the imminent humanitarian situation. We organized the special ministerial session of the OIC focusing on the situation in Afghanistan that provided a viable platform to bring together the Islamic, partners, and other stakeholders to focus and deliberate on the situation in Afghanistan.

Speaking on the Kashmir issue, the Spokesperson said since the illegal and unilateral actions that India took on 5th August 2019, there is a terrific increase in human rights violations.

There are over 900,000 Indian troops in IIOJ&K and the main objective of all such illegal steps is to bring about demographic changes to convert the Muslim majority of Kashmir into a minority.

The Spokesperson said all these measures are against UN resolutions, international law, and Geneva Convention and Pakistan has been precisely highlighting it at every international forum.

He said due to our continuous efforts, UN Security Council has held three meetings to discuss the Kashmir dispute since 5th August 2019.

Asim Iftikhar said we have been closely in touch with the UN Secretary-General who has reaffirmed the UN position on the Kashmir issue guided by the UN resolutions and its charter.

The UN Secretary-General has expressed concerns over human rights violations in IIOJ&K and urged both parties to refrain from taking actions that might change the status quo of Kashmir.

He said it is the primary responsibility of the UN Security Council and its permanent members to push for a resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UNSC Resolutions.

Asim Iftikhar said belligerent policies of the BJP-led Indian regime, inspired by the RSS ideology and motivated by Nazism, are a threat to other minorities as well. The international community has been watching this and international mainstream media is focused on this and they have written a lot on it while the situation on the ground is turning from bad to the worst.

Asim Iftikhar said Modi’s election campaign has proved that the idea of Hindu supremacy was used as a tool to win polls which is dangerous for the survival of other minorities in India.

He said the upcoming session of OIC to be held next month in Pakistan is of great significance that would focus on key issues of Islamic countries. Apart from political and economic issues, Kashmir and Palestine issues will be deliberated.

Talking about Pakistan-China relations, the Spokesperson said the friendship between the two countries is based on strategic cooperative partnership and we are committed to taking it to new heights.


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