Conference on Disarmament


Pakistan recently participated in Conference on Disarmament (CD) in Geneva in virtual format, today. In his statement, the Foreign Secretary urged the CD members to enable the forum to deliver on the arms control and disarmament challenges facing the international community by faithful adherence of CD’s foundational principles. Pertinent to mention that Pakistan has underscored that adherence to international norms, without any distinction or discrimination, remained fundamental for sustainable global and regional international peace and security. Furthermore Islamabad also urged the international community to ensure equitable and balanced approach towards issues of arms control and disarmament based on the principle of equal security for all addition to this, Islamabad also drew attention to the erosion of long-standing arms control agreements, accentuated by policies of exceptionalism in violation of established global norms. He highlighted the serious strains to strategic stability in South Asia, which was being accentuated by discriminatory application of rules and supply of advanced military technologies, weapons and delivery systems to India.  Representing, Pakistan the Foreign Secretary apprised the CD members about Pakistan’s vision for a peaceful neighbourhood, based on pacific settlement of disputes; no threat or use of force; restraint and responsibility. These ingredients could unlock the region to forge partnerships for trade, investment, energy and digital connectivity. Pakistan called on the international community, including the CD, to pursue confidence enhancing measures that have transformational potential. An international instrument on negative security assurances, negotiated at the CD, remained such a transformational measure and a gateway to nuclear disarmament.

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