Communication Blockade in IIOJK


Considering the effectiveness of the fifth-generation warfare tools, Media took the role of a key factor is contemplating the entire script crafted by the policymakers in India. Soon  after the  Pulwama Incident, propagandist  channels  furiously  kept  baying  for  the blood through baseless revenge, setting frequency for escalating hostility by broadcasting  falsehood. Being  mouthpieces  of  political  elites  and security  establishment,  policy  formation by selling  lies through majority media channels remained consistent throughout the Balakot intrusion  and  Operation  Swift  Retort. Likewise, it also played a handful role in portraying the “normalization in Kashmir during Iron Fist approach implementation”. However, it was exposed by the international media and news agencies coverage. They portrayed the on-ground situation of the Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir valley. The  complete  blackout  of  internet  services  and the social  media apparatus  apparently  has  nothing  to  do with  the  laws  or  security vulnerabilities. There are two certain reasons of adopting these Firstly,  with  technological  evaluation  over  the years,  social  media  applications  (Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube,  and Instagram) have become effective tools of promoting the freedom of struggle by the indigenous masses and its diaspora across the world through  sharing  personal  views,  videos  of  alleged  injustice. They simultaneously promoted mobilization of masses through innovative means (stories, poetry, documentaries, and songs) by exposing Indian autocracies. To   restrain   the   criticism   by   the masses, internet suspension was imposed in the occupied territory. Secondly, from the Indian perspective, masses’ interconnectivity disengagement became essentially vital as it also played a vibrant role in mobilizing the protests and strikes. Therefore, fearing the massive revolt due to the changing political landscape, the government snapped major modes of communication

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