Commercialism spoils Education


Education is the only thing no one can take away from you. If youeducate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When girls are educated, the nationsbecome stronger and more affluent. Education is being exploited in Pakistan since long after its being. Unfortunately, our politicians articulate the academia structure in accordance to their political desires. From 1947 to 2019, the policy makers formulate the policy but never implement it formally.
Education is a basic need and want! Several areas in Pakistan are secluded from the standard of international teaching and curriculum as one out of 5 children has only access to the modern type of teachings. This is due to the fact that education in Pakistan is turning into a profit making business rather than an obligation.

The Minister of Education, Shafqat Mehmood, always utters that the government is keen to resolve the education challenges in Pakistan and are formulating policies to address these challenges but the whole scenario is that ‘it is not a show of one man army’. He said that among the various challenges were the different streams or systems of education that include government schools, private schools and religious schools or madrassahs. Balochistan is the biggest province in the Pakistan according to its area. The literacy rate is of this province is only 39%. There are more than 12,500 primary schools and among them 7,000 schools are without classrooms and teachers, yet no captivating actions arebeing taken by the government. There are plenty of reasons which cause dismal conditions of education in Balochistan. Children are facing huge crises to get education in Balochistan due to several conditions. Among them the biggest challenge is the headcount in schools which is not adequate enough and becoming a reason of growing school dropouts with every passing day.

Providing quality education in Balochistan is the obligation of our government to ensure the safe and secure educated future. Authorities should take feasible steps to cater to the problems regarding school building upgradations, academic preparation, updated curriculum selection, steps to increase enrolment rate from primary to higher secondary schools and eliminating gender disparities. Aristotle said; ‘the educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differs from the dead’.

Female education is very important for changing character, mind and personality. Female education and gender equality are the two major factors without succeed in these we cannot achieve education objectives. In Pakistan education as a right is always neglected. It is clearly mentioned in Article 25-A of constitution of Pakistan that each and every children has a right to education. The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children to the age of five to sixteen years. In Balochistan there are 70% females that are dropout from the school. Female literacy rate in Balochistan is the lowest in the world. Baloch government is failed to grab the situation as every politician after coming in authoritative seats they make promises just to achieve political needs.

Taaleem Foundation (TF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1989 by Dr. Zafar Qadir who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 28 years later, TF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged; running a chain of high quality secondary schools and vocational training institutes across Pakistan.

The Pakistani education system is currently suffering from inequality in educational outcomes on a massive scale. There are significant variations in the quality of education provided from one child to the next, both between schools and within schools. This is pervasive issue of a lack of equity literacy. To
combat this challenge, TFGS is working from more than 2 decades in eight different stations in Baluchistan to combine cutting-edge technology with modern pedagogy, thereby providing an effective e-learning solution and scalable method of quality education. TFGS ensures that every student is given equal opportunity for success and the technologybased delivery system allows it to cater his or her needs.

Writer is an associate research fellow Hassan Mughal and is accessible <>

Published in The Asian Telegraph, February 21, 2019

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