Combatting Menace of Drugs


With vision to combat menace of drugs, first drug Liaison Officers Conference held in Islamabad.  The conference was aimed at improving International Cooperation between Pakistan and other countries to curb the menace of drugs. Participants included Erik Watson Head of DEA, USA, Mark Taravoski Head of INL, USA and Drug Liaison officers and senior law enforcement agencies officers from UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Greece, South Africa, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea. The participants were briefed on the National Anti-Narcotics Policy, drug demand and supply reduction process and Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate the menace of drugs from society. Joint Secretary Sikandar Sabino Jalal gave detailed briefing on functioning of the policy and role of Ministry of Narcotics Control and Anti-Narcotics Force in fighting drugs. The purpose of this conference was to form effective mutual mechanism to counter illicit drug trafficking and related matters. It was reinforced in the meeting that mutual cooperation and collective approach will play key role in reaching the goal of creating a drug free society. Drug use prevention programmes are effective when they respond to the needs of a community, involve all the relevant sectors and are based on scientific evidence; effective programmes should also incorporate strong monitoring and evaluation components. Such programmes are also cost effective. It has been shown that, for every dollar spent, good programmes for the prevention of drug use among youth. Schools have been an important setting to reach many children and adolescents with prevention activities. Evidence-based drug education based on life skills that offer personal, social, resistance and communication skills, as well as information about the short-term effects of drugs through a series of session offered by trained teachers.

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