Combating the Financing of Terrorism


With the intensification of the terrorist threat over the recent years and the concurrent evolution of terrorist financing typologies, the UN Security Council has adopted additional resolutions,  to address new avenues of terrorist financing, including by targeting the nexus between terrorists and organized crime groups and tackling fundraising through kidnapping for ransom. The Security Council expressed concern about the flow of funds to terrorists and the need to suppress all forms of terrorist financing.  The capacity of national authorities and relevant stakeholders to combat the financing of terrorism within their jurisdictions and regionally is especially important. This builds on its ongoing flagship capacity-building program on Terrorist Designations and Asset Freezing that has, since March 2015 provided technical assistance and training to Member States (national regulatory agencies, financial intelligence units, relevant ministries and private sector institutions) and regional bodies on the effective implementation of targeted financial sanctions against terrorism and terrorism financing, as well as support Member States and regional bodies in adopting mechanisms to safeguard their financial systems and address terrorism-financing techniques. 

To promote a culture of peace, justice, and human development, ethnic, national, and religious tolerance and respect for all religions, religious values, beliefs, or cultures by establishing and encouraging, as appropriate, education and public awareness programs involving all sectors of society. In this regard, we encourage the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization to play a key role, including through inter-faith and intra-faith dialogue and dialogue among civilizations.

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