Combating Racism and Xenophobia


The global world is facing daunting challenges of racism that has fragmented contours of harmony and unity among humans across the globe. The divisions based on origin, ideology, color, and creed have deteriorated the peaceful co-existence and it has pushed the hostilities to alarming heights with irreconcilable conundrums of conflicts. This intolerance has ensued worldwide humanitarian crisis through racial violence, expulsion, and deportations of masses. The perpetuation of xenophobic culture has thwarted the normative values and promoting, prejudices and behavior that reject, exclude, and often vilify masses. The clouds of this evil keep hovering all across the world-Asia to Europe, the Middle East to Africa, and America witnessing the drastic upsurge of racial intolerance leading to grim consequences of an identity crisis. This vitiated situation is improbable and it has endangered the peace of the entire world. This alarming trend seeks preferential treatment by the masses, irrespective of their origin or status because in one way or other it holds mayhem repercussions to the entire humanity. In this regard, States have the key responsibility to avert racism and xenophobia as well as to retort to alleged incidents by conducting an effective inquiry of allegations of racism and xenophobia, sanctioning perpetrators according to national laws, and ensuring victims have access to justice and remedies. There are several instruments and bodies within a State’s policy and institutional frameworks that could engage with specific issues related to racism and xenophobia not only at the national level but also at the provincial, municipal or local level. Furthermore, national human rights institutions, national specialized bodies, and national action plans against racism can also be engaged to address this evil from a societal level. The world must take radical measures to address all the potential threats because it laid the foundations of the major conflicts across the globe.

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