Combating Fake News


Technological advancement ought to seek to fight against the proliferating ‘fake news and disinformation on social media platforms, and pay greater attention to the promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development in the coronavirus and conflict-hit countries. Following the challenges of the last two years, many countries now face the serious threats of food, energy and supply chain disruption. The world at large faces severe stress due to proliferating conflicts, a new arms race, rising xenophobia and hate speech, violence and disinformation, he noted, adding that, against that backdrop, the Department has worked relatively well. Hence the growing trend of “fake news” and disinformation on online platforms demands that the Department intensify its support for efforts across the United Nations system to fight disinformation while disseminating factual, clear, accessible, multilingual and science-based information. It must also pay greater attention to the promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development, in accordance with relevant resolutions and commitments. There is a dire need for efforts to leverage digital technologies to enable socio-economic development and facilitate more effective and efficient governance as well as delivery of public services, saying the Department remains well-positioned to bridge the gap between the developed and developing countries in the crucial field of public information and communications. In that regard, the Pakistani encouraged the Department to mobilize adequate resources to promote multilingualism and maximize its outreach at the grassroots level, including by exploring innovative financing options and voluntary contributions. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is still not over —, particularly for the one-third of the world’s population that has not received a single dose of vaccine. Against that backdrop, the Department is advocating for multilateralism and driving a co

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