Climate Change Catastrophe


Pakistan is facing certain environmental issues that are quite alarming. One of the major environmental issues across the globe is climate change. Climate change is negatively impacting health, agriculture and the overall economy of the country. The main reasons are carbon emission, deforestation, population explosion and lack of finances to mitigate and to adapt to climate change impacts. Although, Pakistan is not contributing much in global emissions, yet it is among the top ten countries in the world that are affected by climate change. This year’s March, April and May have been recorded as the hottest months in the last many years. The government needs to launch awareness campaigns to discourage deforestation, air pollution and poor waste management. It is a good omen that the government is addressing climate change with projects like tree planting, electric mobility and campaigns to reduce emissions. If we talk about global governance, regional cooperation works as a building block. Mostly, the developing countries exist in the South and are most vulnerable to climate change. Pakistan is an agricultural country but it has little to no access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities. We need to plant more trees and conserve our remaining forests. The urbanization, growing population, and rapid expansion of cities are among the leading causes of deforestation in Pakistan. The release of toxic gases from the factories and carbon emissions from vehicles are main contributors of day by day increasing air pollution in the country. The environment is not a standalone subject but can be segregated into certain parts: rise in temperature, different activities, de-gradation of natural resources, use of carbon and many others. Meanwhile, smog in winter is another cause of climate change. So we are facing different challenges both in summer and winter seasons.

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