Clean and Green Pakistan


To mitigate the environmental   challenges Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision is to make Pakistan Clean and Green through a number of initiatives, including 10 billion Tsunami Tree project. It is a dismaying factors that Pakistan is among the most vulnerable countries as far as climate change is concerned. The world is also following the initiatives of Pakistani government. Saudi Arabia is willing to initiate such projects in cooperation with Islamabad. There are many countries that are willing to join and support various green initiatives launched under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of Clean and Green Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan is committed to protect the environment through enhanced cooperation and collaboration. Pakistan is focusing on projects relating to forestry, renewable energy, water, and disaster management to fulfill Prime Minister’s world-acclaimed vision of clean, green and climate-resilient country. Moreover, by 2030, 60% of all energy produced in the country will be clean and through renewable resources. Indeed it is an honor for Pakistan that it is being recognized as a leading country in fight against climate change. International Environment Day is a global event and is celebrated across the globe every year. Pakistan has been given the opportunity to host the event this year. The projects of the present government in this regard, including Clean and Green Pakistan, Billion Tree Tsunami and others, are commendable. The global temperature is rising rapidly and the glaciers are melting. Main reasons for this are deforestation, growing industrialization and increasing levels of pollution. Unfortunately, Pakistan is among the countries with high deforestation rate. There is a dire need for water management that will be helpful in promoting agricultural sector.

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