Clean and green initiative


Many of the environmental and developmental challenges facing Pakistan are common across the region and much of the developing world. The decline in forest cover, degrading soils and rising levels of air and water pollution are some of the problems that Pakistan shares with its South Asian neighbors. The environmental conditions of Pakistan are continuing to degrade due to population explosion and urbanization on a large scale. In order to meet the environmental challenges and to make the country clean the government has launched Clean Green Pakistan Index with a view to improving overall green and clean outlook of the Pakistani cities by competition amongst them on various indicators.
The government’s commitment to make Pakistan clean and green can be realized with the support of masses. Every segment of the society including the administration, the elected representatives and the youth should become part of the clean and green initiative to fight environmental degradation and protect the future of this country. The campaign will focus to make the entire country green with particular focus on the cities where specific areas will be identified for plantation. In the first phase of this drive, healthy cleanliness competition will be conducted in 19 cities involving students from schools and universities.
The government will also recognize and reward those who actively participate in making Pakistan clean and green. In the initial phase of the CGPI, 19 cities have been selected to compete on certain issues of public interest. They will be judged on addressing issues such as safe drinking water, solid waste management, liquid waste management, city beautification, cleanliness of streets, usability of parks, tree plantation, total sanitation, and hygiene and community participation.
The campaign should be extended to all parts of the country with proper funding and monitoring mechanism. The initiative will serve as the country’s first ever barometer to measure green character and cleanliness of cities. Pakistan is blessed with immense beauty by the nature as it has high mountains, lush green fields and plains, deserts and sea besides four seasons. These resources can be utilized to make Pakistan the best destination for the tourists of the world and can generate revenue for the country.

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