China acknowledges PM Imran’s positive remarks on poverty elimination

“We noticed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s positive comments on China’s elimination of extreme poverty,”


BEIJING, China on Monday welcomed the positive comments of Prime Minister Imran Khan on elimination of extreme poverty and said it was ready to help developing countries in the poverty alleviation efforts.

“We noticed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s positive comments on China’s elimination of extreme poverty,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said during his regular briefing held here.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan had congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping and the government for taking 750 million people out of poverty in 35 years.

Later, senior Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying also expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on China’s achievements in its poverty alleviation campaign and wrote “Thank you, Mr Prime Minister”.

The spokesperson also commented officials of the international organizations including the United Nations Coordinator in China and said China’s outcome in poverty alleviation brought important outcomes for the world as well as President Xi and the Chinese governments and people’s resolution and action.

He said the elimination of extreme poverty was a milestone in China’s improvement of people’s well-being and in its human rights course, adding, since the 18th CPC Session, every year, over 10 million people in China were lifted out of poverty equaling a size of the medium sized country. So, about every three seconds, one person was lifted out of poverty.

Wang Wenbin said after the reforms and opening up in China, 770 million rural population had been lifted out of poverty.

China’s poverty alleviation results belonged to China and the world, he said and added, there were the Chinese solution to the international poverty eradication.

He said the Chinese side was ready to work with other countries and help developing countries to eliminate poverty and realize the 2030 goals for sustainable development so that the people all around the world could live a better life.

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