Challenges ahead for Taliban


As the world knows that after 20 years Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan.  The real concentration now is not how it all happened but the establishment of peace and leading the conflict-wracked and impoverished Afghanistan will be a hard task. The government of President Ashraf Ghani remained unsuccessful to fulfill the desires of the people, as their standard of living hardly enhanced with deprived basic services such as health and education. The charges of corruption and security situation in the country remained unstable. In short People were irritated and prepared for change, but how they will welcome Taliban is a different thing, which is indeed a challenge. The Taliban initiated its military offensive in May when US-led foreign forces started their withdrawal as part of an accord the group signed with the US on February 29, 2020, in the Qatari capital Doha. Now with approximately all of Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban and less than 100,000 active warriors, according to the analysts the Taliban will be extended thin. Though, Taliban easily seized a large number of districts, but holding on to key cities is an additional plan, which requires more manpower. With negligible modern infrastructure one country cannot compete in the contemporary world. Therefore governance will certainly be another challenge for Taliban. They can probably struggle to offer efficient governance to the people of the country as the government does not have much revenue to spend on public services especially when IMF and other monetary platforms averted their assistance for the country. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world and more than 20 percent of its gross income comes from overseas aid. United States already blocked $9.5bn of Afghan central bank’s assets soon after the takeover of Taliban whereas the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suspended access to its funds. There is possibility that many other foreign donors might emulate the same route, making it tremendously hard for the new government to balance the economy and run the country. One has to wait and see how Taliban will face all these challenges.

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