CASOs, 13 innocent Kashmiri youth have been abducted by fascist forces in IIOJ&K

Deceitful tactics to silence Kashmiris from seeking freedom from Indian occupation will never succeed


LONDON:  13 innocent Kashmiri youth have been abducted by fascist forces in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) during these sacred days of Ramadan which is yet another face of India’s fascist character under fully display in the occupied region, a Kashmiri leader said.

Fahim Kayani, president Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, said in a statement that the Safronized Indian occupying forces launched raids on houses of innocent Kashmiris on Friday night and abducted innocent Kashmiris for expressing their right seeking freedom illegal Indian occupation.

Mass pro-freedom sloganeering was raised soon after congregational Juma Namaz finished in central Jamia Masjid Srinagar, IIoJK, during which people asked India to allow Kashmiris to exercise a free and fair plebiscite to decide their fate.

The Indian occupying forces later raided homes of innocent and unarmed Kashmiris and abducted 13 of them whose whereabouts are not known yet.

“These tactics to silence Kashmiris from seeking freedom from Indian occupation will never succeed,” Kayani said.

Indian fascist government had closed Jamia masjid since 2019 and was recently opened for congregational Friday prayers.

“The graveyard silence which India has enforced on Kashmiris is unprecedented but despite such pressure, young Kashmiris are raising their voice wherever possible which should be lauded and supported,” Kayani said.

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK leader also called for release of all Kashmiris resistance leadership who have imprisoned for challenging India’s claims on IIoJK.

“It is responsibility of international community to hold India accountable for her inhuman actions which should serve as deterrent against the atrocities perpetrated by one million Indian occupying forces on Kashmiris,” Kayani added. Chairperson of the Peace and Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mullick said that the annual US report on arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings and violence against religious minorities in India exposed the ugly and fascist face of Narendra Modi before the world.

Mushaal, the wife of illegally detained Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Yasin Malik said the annual US report has painted grim picture of human rights of religious in India and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

She said that US State Department’s 2021 HR Report revealed that curbs on free expression and media continued in India.

The hurriyat leader stated that gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact that the occupation authorities have booked over 2,300 persons under draconian law UAPA since 2019.

The chairperson lamented that muslims in India are vulnerable to communal violence and discrimination due to the lack of accountability and widespread impunity enjoyed by the brutal forces in India.

Mushaal expressed alarm that intolerant towards Muslims in India and IIOJK witnessed a dangerous upsurge under notorious Modi regime, making India a hell for minorities to live.

She stated that BJP and RSS have been diligently working on their Hindutva ideology since 2014, which is both hate-ridden and supremacist, as they treated Muslims, other minorities as second class citizens.

The hurriyat leader went on to say that fascist BJP government is trampling upon fundamental freedoms of religious minorities in India but the world powers and human right organizations largely observed criminal silence on it.

She said that Modi was on a mission to purge India of it minorities especially Muslims, which clear indicated from his government policies of genocide of Muslims and committing war crimes.

Mushaal warned that rising Hindutva terror is becoming a potent threat to regional peace and security of South Asia; hence the UN bodies and world powers should not only release reports but should take practice steps to stop the fascist Modi government from committing genocide of muslims in India and IIOJK.

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