Cabinet Division submits PSDP proposal of Rs.4600 million for SDGs Achievement Program

The Committee recommended all districts throughout the country should be treated at par while releasing funds under the SDGs program


Islamabad: The Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat expressing its serious reservations of the two PSDP proposals of Cabinet Division regarding Construction of Aiwan e Sayahaat in Islamabad and block financial proposal for SDGs Achievement Programme, decided to invited Minister for Defence in capacity of Chairman SDGs Steering Committee and Mr. Azam Jamil, SAPM on Tourism in capacity of Chairman PTDC and justify PSDP demands. The Committee was of the view that it cannot simply recommend huge financial proposals without getting proper justification by the concerned quarters. The Committee met under the chairperson ship of Ms. Kishwer Zehra, MNA in Parliament House today.

The Committee was apprised that Cabinet Division had demanded allocation under PSDP for the year 2022-23 amounting to Rs.1500 million for construction of Aiwan e Sayahaat in Islamabad partly through PSDP allocation and partly through public private partnership basis. The committee was further apprised that the building would house PTDC Headquarters besides offices of different tourism facilitators and promoters.

The Committee was not convinced by the contentions of the PTDC management and viewed that the in present digital age, bricks and mortar will not promote tourism in the country. The Committee suggested that instead of building this huge infrastructure, a building smaller in size and by adopting latest techniques and an aggressive marketing strategy, tourism could be promoted abroad fetching in foreign exchange. The Committee also opined that approval of the Prime Minister being the Minister for Cabinet Secretariat had also not been sought. The Committee decided to invite Mt. Azam Jamil, Special Assistant to PM in Tourism in its next meeting to discuss the PSDP proposal in question.

The Committee while talking up PSDP proposal for SDGs Achievement Program, opined that Minister of Defence in capacity of chairman SDGs Steering Committee did not bothered to attend the meeting despite several invitations. The Committee decided to discuss the same in its next meeting in presence of Minister for Defence. The Committee also directed Cabinet Division to develop its indigenous monitoring and evaluation system instead of relying on provinces to report progress in the projects funded through SDGs Achievement Program. The Committee also recommended that all the districts throughout the country should be treated at par while releasing funds under the SDGs program. The Cabinet Division had submitted PSDP proposal of Rs.4600 million for SDGs Achievement Program during the year 2022-23.

The Chairperson while concluding the meeting said that being a Muslim, she solemnly believes that sovereignty belongs to almighty Allah and is exercised on earth through chosen representatives of the people. Thus, huge responsibility lies upon their shoulders for diligently protecting the rights of the people. She said that the government functionaries were not taking Parliamentary business seriously and were somewhat obstructing the Parliament to exercise its oversight on the executive. She stressed that all the departments should answer the queries of the committee promptly otherwise holding meeting was just sheer wastage of public money.

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