Budget reflects New Pakistan ideology: PM

Federal cabinet okay budgetary proposals for FY 2019-20


The Federal Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday gave approval to the budgetary proposals for fiscal year 2019-20. In a special meeting held here at the PM Office, the cabinet discussed and approved the proposals of budget 2019-20 that focused on economic stability and sustainable growth, with an emphasis on austerity, revenue generation and uplift of down-trodden. While addressing the nation late night, after the formal announcement of budget for the fiscal year 2019-20, PM Imran Khan, said, “Pakistanis! Our government has presented its first-ever budget. This is the budget which will reflect ideology of New Pakistan.”“New Pakistan will be built on principles of the state of Madina. Keep remember! Pakistan is going to be a great country. The Madina state was a model state. It is sorrowful that the principles exist only in Western world.” He reiterated that the head of state is answerable and not above the law. The premier said, “It was the biggest principle of the Madina state that restricted the head of state to become accountable.” “Value of humanity was present in the state and [rights of] a citizen belongs to minority community was equivalent to other citizens.” “The last sermon of our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was above than the charge of human rights,” he said. “The nation will rise now. Naya Pakistan cannot be made through a switching a button by Imran Khan.” The premier said, “The bigger pillars [of politics] are jailed now and nobody could even think about it. Judges of the Supreme Court were purchased in past, whereas, NAB [National Accountability Bureau] was established by the two political parties [Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)].” PM Khan said, “Democracy is not running properly since our government is formed. Democracy runs when two different theories are present in the Parliament.” “What’s wrong I have done with the opposition which pushes them not to let me allow addressing [in the House]? Whenever, I reaches the National Assembly, the opposition members start shouting.” PM Khan clarified again that he will not allow them another National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) under pressure and the blackmailing tactics adopted by the opposition parties. I have not generated cases against opposition. Our country was burdened under hefty loans due to two NROs. N-League grabbed rulership of the country for two times and it sent Asif Ali Zardari behind the bars.

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