Britney spends a fortune on Christmas lights


Britney Spears shared a photo of the massive amount of Christmas lights she puts up on her Los Angeles mansion but you will never guess how much she actually pays to make it that pretty!
Britney posted the beautiful shots of her home on Instagram, pointing out how many lights she puts up for the Christmas holiday. But, as you know Spears is under a personal conservatorship, so any cost associated with her living expenses gets reported to the court.
According to one of the accounting documents, Spears spends a whopping $3,400 on Christmas Lights! That’s right the pop star spends what most people spend on their monthly bills on just lights.
We are guessing that includes the price of the gigantic tree she has inside of the living room. You can’t just get that kind of tree at your local Boy Scout lot.
It’s no big deal, as it is the drop in the barrel to Britney’s bank account. We broke the story, according to the 2018 accounting; filed with the court at the end of 2018 her assets totaled $59,079,755.76.
In the filing, it list’s all of Britney’s living expenses totaling over $400,000. The pop princess spends a fair amount at her favorite store, Target. The documents list over 80 different trips to the retail giant in the year 2018. The other frequent stops are Ralphs and Home Depot. In total, she spent over $66,000 at the home supply stores.
Britney also spends a ton of cash on traveling; spending over $70,000 on travel expenses last year, including a week stay at the Beverly Hills Montage in 2018 costing $16,000.
Brit has a large group of advisors and professionals to manage her assets, spending over $1 million. That price includes her conservator father, Jamie Spears, who collected $128,000.
Britney has posted pictures and videos from inside of her home during Christmas. She included one of her giant Christmas tree and one posed with her boyfriend Sam.
As we reported, Britney has started to worry many of her fans posting videos of herself from inside of the home looking manic and disheveled. Several of them took to her comment section on Instagram to voice their concern. So troubling, small, wounded child seeking love and meaningful attention one person posted.
Another added, I seriously worry about her. She doesn’t seem “right”. Loved her back in the day, and still think she’s a sweet soul, but something is just off.

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