British High Commissioner calls on Sherry Rehman

Engagement with the UK through a dedicated bilateral dialogue will provide support to Pakistan in several areas


ISLAMABAD: The British High Commissioner Christian Turner and his team here on Thursday called on Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman and discussed bilateral climate corporation.

She said, “Climate Stress is a pressing concern for Pakistan and it is high time that we articulated several pressing climate issues into policy. We need a innovative, bold and far-reaching solutions that cover not just investments in nature to curtail deforestation, but also an infrastructure for energy transition, investment in renewables, and resilient infrastructure whilst still humanizing the climate change conversation for the general population.”

She said, “Engagement with the UK through a dedicated bilateral dialogue will provide support to Pakistan in several areas which have help with the real progress towards implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions.

Sherry Rehman said Pakistan needs for instance, assistance of a 35% grant towards the goal of a 50% reduction of emissions by 2030 which will render it attainable and upon which our policy is contingent. We are not a big global polluter and while contribute only 6% to GHG emissions we suffer a disproportionate impact of global pollution. So, while we must take responsibility for our climate, and take steps at home to mitigate effects, it if entirely understandable to expect support.

She also said that gender mainstreaming of climate policies is essential. Women suffer more from the impacts of Climate Stress as compared to their male counterparts in developing countries and a policy which focuses on gender mainstreaming and adaptation efforts to the impacts of Climate Stress must also be rolled out, along with policies that provide for sustainable waste management and water conservation.

During the meeting, the British High Commissioner extended an official invitation to Pakistan for the May Ministerial in Denmark in advance of COP 27 in November.

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