BRI and world peace


The Belt and Road Initiative will not only promote economic development, but also help keep world peace. More and more world countries will want to be part of this initiative because it is a global initiative. By bringing more jobs and distributing prosperity, the initiative will not only promote global development but keep world peaceful and stable as well. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister while speaking at a conference on Wednesday said Belt and Road Initiative associated China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has the potential to help regional countries achieve the common goal of prosperity. The countries could find solutions to many of their security-centric problems not in kinetic adventures but in tangible economic collaboration. Pakistan has extended full support to the BRI as an effective implementation mechanism for creating a more balanced, multi-polar, inclusive, and multi-lateral architecture for the region and the rest of the world.BRI and its flagship projects like CPEC offers a ray of hope through inclusive and pluralistic solutions to make the world safer and prosperous. In the past six years since its launch in 2013, the BRI has emerged as the single most effective instrument of globalism and international development cooperation.
No other global initiative could boast of involving more than four billion people in Asian, European and African regions and bringing them hope of shared prosperity. The BRI is an inclusive project that promotes regional peace and growth and will furnish the people of all countries along the route with a safer, richer and more peaceful living environment.BRI connects the easternmost of Asia with the westernmost of Europe, boosts economies along the route, promotes cultural exchanges and integration besides bringing the world a new mechanism for dialogue.Regional stability requires more than just peace in one country. It requires a network of communication and cooperation among countries and BRI can bring regions and nations together for a common partnership from which all parties are to benefit.

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