Breast Cancer


Pakistan alone has the highest rate of Breast Cancer than any other Asian country as approximately 90000 new cases are diagnosed every year out of which 40000 die. The incidence is increasing in the developing world due to increase in life expectancy, increase in urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles. Besides, lack of breast feeding, diet, less parity and smoking are most significantly associated with breast cancer in patients.
A total of 69 percent of all breast cancer deaths occur in developing countries, which is very alarming, as this is explained mainly by the lack of early detection programs, resulting in a high proportion of women presenting with late-stage disease the lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment facilities.
The government in the past paid little attention to address the alarming issue due to which the cases related to breast cancer disease has witnessed a drastic increased. However, the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government gives special emphasis to deal with the breast cancer disease, as it could be evident from the first lady of Pakistan Samina Arif Alvi who takes special interest to address the issue.
Speaking at a Breast Cancer Awareness Session organized by Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she said that the government is trying to maximize possibilities of early detection of breast cancer to save lives.
She said the government and masses should join hands to tackle the menace of breast cancer which has become a leading cause of deaths in women.
Ms Alvi said that there are more than 80 percent chances of a complete survival if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.
The women can save themselves from breast cancer by avoid smoking, alcohol, dairy products, electromagnetic radiation, red meat, obesity, late first birth of the child, hormone replacement therapy. We can save ourselves by including healthy activities in our lives like exercise, diet, and fast walking, climbing stairs rather than taking a lift and avoid sitting after meals.

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