Bilateral ties between Doha and Islamabad


Historically Pakistan has held strong ties with all GCC countries including Qatar. The relations between Pakistan and Qatar are profound and time-tested. The leadership and people of both brotherly Muslim countries have immense love and respect for each other. Pakistan actually enjoys a trustworthy relationship with the gulf nations. Qatari government has evinced interest in making investments in various projects in Pakistan, including those under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework. The relations between both nations have deepened especially after the launch of the maritime route formed between Karachi Business port and the Hamad Port. Due to the said route there is an evident increase in the supply of goods and services between the two countries. Qatar is a strong player in international financial market. Back in 2016, Pakistan and Qatar has signed a historical geal worth $16 billion for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), for the next 15 years. As mentioned earlier, during the recent visit of PM Imran khan, there were more focused agendas including energy sector, food security, strategic relations as well as other issues of mutual interest. There are more opportunities for foreign direct investment between the both nations; moreover more enhanced relations would diversify exports, joint ventures and fields of cooperation in the days to come. The momentum in the ties between Pakistan and Qatar is very much visible under the leadership of Imran Khan. Pakistan-Qatar Joint Ministerial commission (JMC) is providing an excellent opportunity to enhance economic and trade relations between the two countries. It is a useful institutional framework for an in-depth review of existing economic relations and identification of new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields. The relations are not confined to some specified fields. Cooperation in cotton would provide an excellent opportunity to Qatari investors because textile benefits are enormous and diversified. Moreover, oil & gas exploration would provide comparative advantage to Qatar which needs to be further strengthened. Extended cooperation in the fields of agriculture and food security would be a game changer in the days to come. Tourism, SMEs, chemicals and infrastructure sectors would be mutually benefited for both the countries.

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