Biden calls Putin a “killer”


US intelligence claimed Russian meddling through hacking and influencing election campaign in 2016. Tensions between Washington and Moscow rose once again as newly elected president; Joe Biden calls his counterpart a “killer” regarding the poisoning of Navalny and warned that he would “pay a price” for involving in US internal political affairs. President Biden made such statement based on a 15 page report published by office of the director of national intelligence;  that links Putin to election meddling, claiming that Putin probably have directed a campaign to boost trump while undermining Biden. It moreover denies any assertions like 2016 cyber hacking and also rejects the chances of Chinese involvement in US election infrastructure. Russia, however, negates the allegations declaring them baseless and accuses United States of playing “megaphone diplomacy” aiming to maintain a negative image of Russia. Rumors appear that United States would tighten sanctions on Russia; it has already been sanctioned amid the allegations of Navalny’s poisoning. United States has also blacklisted 4 individuals claiming that they are linked to Russian intelligence service (RIA) and were involved in election meddling of 2016.

Indicating the complex relations between both the states, Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov in United States will leave for Moscow on urgent consultation with president Putin. Russia in this regard is seen engaging with US on conciliatory terms, it has released statements declaring that with the ambassador, Moscow will discuss “ways to rectify Russia-US ties, which are in crisis”, makes it clear that Russia do not want to confront united stated, but based on Russia’s unprincipled behaviors it will have to pay a price if allegations regarding it are backed with evidence. United states has been bearing Russian interference since a long time and now is the right time for US to set a precedent that neither US nor any other nation’s sovereignty can be taken for the purpose of sowing one’s own political victories.


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