Beijing’s stance on Afghanistan Peace Process



Followed by the revamped Biden approach vis-à-vis Afghanistan Peace Process, the role and position of China are important as it holds a key posture in the realm of regional geopolitical affairs. In a recent China Central Asia (C+C5) meeting, China explained its position over the Afghan Peace Process. First, it backed the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan should be “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned” which is a mirror image of Islamabad’s narrative and it’s been highlighted by Pakistan’s top-ranked leadership across all the platforms that deals with Afghanistan crisis management. Likewise, Beijing again converged its stance with Islamabad by stating that Afghanistan should form inclusive political arrangements to make sure that all ethnic groups and parties could participate in political life in the future and enjoy equal political rights. In addition to that China also called for the  Afghan national governance structure in the future should conform to the country’s unique national conditions and development needs, and should not simply copy foreign models, this depicts a realistic approach because Afghanistan’s history remains non-adherent to the governance models aspired by western regimes. On the matter of foreign troop’s withdrawal, China accented for an orderly and responsible manner drawdown to prevent any hasty action from adversely affecting and extremely interfering with the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. One of the key areas that China tends to underscore is the role of CARs,  as close neighbors of Afghanistan, China Central Asian countries should make due contribution to the final settlement of the Afghan issue, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization should also play its due role for the long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan. China showed readiness ready to collaborate with regional states and the international community to move forward the peace and reconciliation process and help Afghanistan realize peace and stability at an early date.

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