Beginning a new era in Pak-KSA ties

Saudi ministers authorized inking accords with Pakistan during visit


All the arragements have been finalised for the first-ever visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who is scheduled to touch down in Islamabad on February 16. Seven BMW’s 7 Series, one land cruiser, and eight containers carrying essential articles for the crown prince’s personal use have been brought to Pakistan and shifted to the Prime Minister House where the visiting dignitary will stay during the visit. The luxury vehicles were transported to Islamabad from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via a C-130 aircraft which landed at Nur Khan airbase in the capital. Furthermore, more than 700 rooms have been reserved at eight private hotels of the capital for the delegates who would be accompanying the Saudi crown prince. Alongside the project of setting up an oil refinery in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has decided to provide funds for Diamer-Bhasha dam, Mohmand dam and other power projects

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