Baseless allegations


The latest spree of allegations by the Maulana Fazlur Rehman against prestigious national institutions is baseless and may tantamount to hurt the sentiments of sane segments of society. This may not bring any good for the society and the country as well as the protestors but result in the further polarization in the society; both political and economic.Therefore, it is high time for the political leadership to resolve political issues through political wisdom without involving national institutions in the ambit.
The latest statements and threats by the leader of the present agitation are reminders of PNA’s Movement against the government of Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, which eventually led him to the gallows. Maulana Mufti Mahmood, father of the present leader of JUI-F was one of the top three leaders of the anti-Bhutto movement. It is being alleged through indirect references that last elections were manipulated by the Army with a view to bringing PTI to power. The only basis for this allegation appears to be the fact of their losing the elections No one had lodged any complaint either with Election Commission or Parliamentary Commission about the alleged misconduct of Army personnel on duty.
Another political leader has complained that if the Establishment (Army) had given to their government just ten percent of the support they are giving to PTI Government, they would have taken the country sky high. The Army saved their government from getting a bloody nose by peacefully dispersing the prolonged ‘dharna’ at Faizabad in 2017. Any use of force could have resulted in countrywide violent demonstrations.
People have a right to protest against Government policies and actions but a sudden burst of anger against the government and demanding fresh elections appears to be due to the agony caused by determination of NAB to destroy the cancer of corruption. The best course for them would be to defend themselves in courts of law instead of finding scapegoats.

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