Back to 1948


The very criminal act by the India of revocation of Article 370 has returned the put Pakistanis, Indians, Kashmiris as well as the entire region to the situation which prevailed in 1948; when both the countries were in a state of war over the deteriorating situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. This situation also resembles to that of under which India took the Kashmir dispute to the United Nations.

Factually, the shortsighted Indian political leadership has opened a new pandora box which may tantamount to the regional destablization as well as beginning of a new arms race in the South Asia. Now after sheer occupation of India over Kashmir, the Kashmiri militants will under no definition be declared as terrorists as well as financial, moral and other kind of support to them will also not be linked to terror financing. Therefore, now the Kashmiri freedom fighters will be free to muster moral, weaponry and other kind of support from non state actors across the globe and under no international rule or law non state actors will be maligned or rebuked for extending support to Kashmiris. Therefore, the future situation in Indian occupied Kashmir is going to be a matter of grave concern for both India and the international community.

In this context, it is necessary for Indian Supreme Court to declare the Ordinance under which Article 370 has revoked as null and void otherwise, the situation will result in mass bloodshed in Indian Kashmir by occupying forces as Indian authorities have already moved several thousand additional troops to Occupied Kashmir because the revocation of said article has enraged entire Kashmiri nation has taken to streets to express anguish over the issue.

Now it is up to Pakistani diplomatic team to sensitize the world about the Indian act which has put regional peace and stability on stake. In this situation, Pakistan must convene emergency sessions of United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), SAARC, SCO and other international and regional forums to put pressure on India as well as to raise the issue worldwide.

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