Azealia Banks engaged to Ryder Ripps


Azealia Banks is engaged to Ryder Ripps.

The 29-year-old rapper admitted she was “crying” as she confirmed she is engaged to the 34-year-old artist.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “I just got engaged. I’m crying … I’m Jewish now. MAZEL TOV WE IN HERE…. YERRRRRRR (sic)”

Meanwhile, the ‘212’ hitmaker previously revealed she believes she is the “most influential female rapper” since Nicki Minaj.

In a lengthy post, she spilled: “I am definitely the most influential female rapper post nicki Minaj. I may not be the most popular .. but definitely the most influential. My words are powerful, when I speak the people ALWAYS react. I have a way of putting pressure on people to create the art world I want to live in. I see loads of girls running around with my 2011 aesthetic and whether they credit me or not… I can 100% see the impact I’ve had on female rap culture.

“It makes me know that I’m not, and was never crazy. I’m happy to contribute to the arts in whatever way I can. Even if people don’t give me the credit… I can see how my influence has inspired so many of the artists I looked up to as a child and so many artists that came after me. That to me is the truest success. When I see new girls come up wearing the looks I wore and adopting my themes I feel validated. Like I’m doing the job god put me on earth to do. (sic)”

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