AU-EU Summit


Pledging multifaceted ties the sixth session of the Association Summit between the African Union and the EU, which will be held today at headquarters of the EU in Brussels. Under “Africa and Europe: Two Continents with a Common Vision until 2030.” Its first session was held in Cairo in 2000, which witnessed the establishment of partnership mechanisms between the two sides through The Cairo Action Plan, taking into account that the European side is one of the most prominent international partners with which the African Union is keen to strengthen ties, especially with regard to development files and the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as the continuous consultation between the two sides on how to address common challenges.” According to the EU, the summit will present a unique opportunity to lay the foundations for a renewed and deeper AU-EU partnership with the highest political involvement and based on trust and a clear understanding of mutual interests.

Leaders are expected to discuss how both continents can build greater prosperity. The 2022 Summit aims to launch an ambitious Africa-Europe Investment Package, taking into account global challenges such as climate change and the current health crisis. The leaders will also be expected to hold deliberations on tools and solutions to promote stability and security through a renewed peace and security architecture joint declaration on a joint vision for 2030 is expected to be adopted by the participants. During the two-day Summit, a series of thematic roundtables will also be organized.

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