Asaan Karobar Program


The current government of Pakistan had taken effective measures to facilitate the businessmen and traders that helped to ensure the economic growth in the country. To further improve the business environment of Pakistan, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises, the government of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf had launched the “Asaan Karobar Program” in Islamabad. While addressing the launching ceremony of the “Asaan Karobar Program” on Friday, the President said Pakistan has taken numerous steps for ease of doing business to promote investment in the country. President also urged the Board of Investment to make the “Asaan Karobar Program” interactive to receive complaints from the business community for the efficiency and transparency of the Initiative. Currently, the prime interest of the country is to promote business activities and stressed the importance of taking on board the stakeholders for a successful policy formulation, as the country is facing serious economic crisis and inflation. With the effective strategies of the government of holding consultations with the relevant traders and businessmen will also help to revive the textile industry of Pakistan. Similarly, the online portal launched by the Ministry of Commerce aimed at identifying regulatory obstacles and problems through the active involvement of the private sector and business associations. No doubt there are few hiccups in the smooth flow of processes and the reasons for bureaucratic red-tapism, however, it is the need for changing mindsets and improving attitude towards work or businesses for better efficiency and deliverance. In this regard, minimizing the human factor, increasing dependence on technology and adhering to timelines could prove helpful for the economic and business uplift of Pakistan. Similarly, there is also a greater need for the participation of women in the country’s economic and business matters to deal with the looming economic crisis and gender disparity.

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