Arab actress May Calamawy joins ‘Moon Knight’ cast


DUBAI: Bahrain-born actress May Calamawy has reportedly joined the cast of Disney+’s series “Moon Knight,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is not known what role the “Ramy” star will have in the upcoming Marvel series.

She will join American-Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac who is expected to play one of the Marvel heroes.

Calamawy, who is born to an Egyptian father and a Jordanian mother, is not the only Arab working on this show, but “Moon Knight” will also be directed by Egyptian filmmaker and screenwriter Mohamed Diab, who is famous for his 2016 Middle Eastern drama “Clash.”

The series will also be helmed by American filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

The team is reportedly aiming to start the production in March in Budapest.

“Moon Knight” first debuted in 1975, and has had several incarnations over the years. It tells the story of an ex-mercenary/superhero whom the ancient Egyptian moon god Khonshu revives after death.

In “Ramy,” the award-winning comedy series that stars Egyptian-American actor Ramy Youssef, Calamawy plays the lead character’s sister Deena.

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