Apprising Teenage Depression



Depression is a cataclysmic nuance issue. It is not an easy, isolatable issue or a phase but instead, it has complicated root causes attached to it that shatters the induvial personality. There are multiple ways that push teenagers into depression. The causes of depression among teens could be several, firstly it could be a chemical impact; teens have double the amount of hormones raging through their bodies. Subsequently, their brain might not be capable to produce a certain chemical which could result in depression.

Secondly, depression could also be caused by social issues; think about going through junior and high schools which is a time filled with tons of social situations that are stressful and usually difficult to navigate. Particularly if you’re 15, 16, or 17 a really bad day in your life can seem like the end of the world. Teens could be depressed due to perceived rejection by peers or difficult social circumstances.

Thirdly, depression could be emotional. Teen emotions tend to run out of control especially because they cannot put life into proper perspective. So they probably might be dealing with grown-up issues but they’ve only lived for 15 years on the planet so they sort of lack that perspective which most of the adults have.

Fourth, it could also be a moral issue, for instance, if a teen is doing something wrong and they know it, he or she is subject to feel guilt for that. Feeling guilty is directly proportionate to a human being’s conscience, if violated, it can cause a sense of disintegration therefore people tend to feel depressed. Apart from these, Depression can still be caused by several other reasons. The reasons for depression are various. It could be a combination of any of two or more issues mentioned above or it can be something else. However, it is important to understand that it is a nuanced and complex issue.

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