Appreciation for Editor-in-Chief The Asian Telegraph




Iranians on Thursday celebrated the annual Nowruz holiday that marks the Persian New Year and the arrival of spring. A special celebration ceremony was hosted by Iranian Embassy to celebrate new year Nowruz and the birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali AS. A large number of Iranians along with their families gathered at Embassy of Iran, a dinner was served to them, gifts and Eidi distributed among the children and all the participants. On this occasion, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran presented a certificate of appreciation to Editor-in-Chief of Melange and The Asian Telegraph, Amna Malik in recognition of her contribution in the issuance of Melange Magazine Special Report on the commemoration of 40th Anniversary of the glorious victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Also distributed the prizes among the winners of an essay and painting competition, The Asian Telegraph writer Irum Naqvi also won a prize in this essay competition.

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