Anne Hathaway’s ‘Modern Love’ to debut on Amazon Prime Video


Los Angeles
During an interview promoting her new Amazon Prime series “Modern Love,” Actress Anne Hathaway called the process of getting pregnant again “really painful and very isolating and full of self-doubt.”
She says she understands that many others also have issues with infertility, but she had mixed feelings about sharing her story on Instagram.
“I was just aware of the fact that when it came time to post that I was pregnant, somebody was going to feel even more isolated because of it,” she said.
“And I just wanted them to know they have a sister in me. That’s all. And even being aware that I was not the only woman going through this, I’ve been so blown away by how many people go through this. I just want people to know that I’m their sister and that I see them and I have them.”
Hathaway portrays a woman struggling with bipolar disorder in an installment of “Modern Love,” an anthology series about a wide array of issues involving love, debuting Oct. 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

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