An Insight into 2020

Maham Tayyeb


With 2020 bidding farewell and leaving a decade behind let’s go down the memory lane and have an insight into the events and episodes that took place this year. Beginning with the rampant spread of the deadly, worldwide pandemic COVID-19, which imposed global health emergency across the world. Beginning from Wuhan, COVID has deluged 1.77M lives up until now while countries including US, France Italy, Germany, and Russia have been significantly besieged under its rage. Italy placed more than a quarter of its population in quarantine, in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19. Adding further to our hardship, terms like social-distancing, self-isolation, quarantine and lock-down turned out to be so frequent and habitual in everyday use. While social networking filled in greater prevalence for business, professional, educational and amusement purposes. Online meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet gained popularity as a medium of e-learning while hike in use of social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and Twitter was spotted significantly. Work from home turned into the thought, whereas worldwide travelling was delayed for capricious spans, leaving all exchange markets into unanticipated conditions.

Moreover, the disastrous incidents coming consistently kept reminding that 2020 is anything but a normally regular year in human history. The catastrophic Beirut explosion in August 2020 is a colossal hitch for International trade through warm waters of Mediterranean Sea to various destinations in the world. This blast happened because of the ignition of 2790 metric tons of ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut port. A loss of more than 200 living souls in this blast was obliterating. The fire-breakout in Amazon rainforest of Brazil, Australia on 9 March is again a tragic and fatal event that burnt an expected zone of 18.6 million hectares, devastating more than 5,900 buildings that included 2,779 homes and killing 34 individuals, after that it was California’s turn over the summer, with the largest wildfire season in the state’s recorded history, it still stays green down the memories of 2020. There was a worst locust swarm in east Africa that destroyed crops. Cyclone Amphan made landfall in eastern India and Bangladesh, killing over 100 people and causing damage of over US$13 billion, making it the costliest cyclone ever recorded in the North Indian Ocean. In the interim, some significant individuals in the midst of these crisis, departed from this planet. The star of galaxies Joan Ruth Bader Ginsberg who was a worldwide activist of women empowerment said goodbye on September 16, 2020. The abrupt demise of well-known retired Basketball player Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California while boarding alongside his 13 year old daughter and nine others was a genuine stun for the b-ball admirers, however individuals across the world payed tribute to his humble delivered services. In addition, Amanullah from Pakistan the hotshot of parody, breath his last this year on March 6. Not just this, Tariq Aziz the genius behind Bazm e Tariq Aziz show, died on June seventeenth this year. Furthermore, the shocking passings of Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shamim Akhtar (Mother of Nawaz Sharif) and Khadim Hussein Rizvi, a religious Pakistani scholar also happened in 2020. Kanye West not just ran for president but was endorsed by Chance the Rapper and Elon Musk, he also gifted Kim Kardashian a hologram of her deceased father.

Talking about socio-political wistfulness, we ran over George Floyed’s homicide which offered ascend to civil disobedience movements under the famous slogan “Black lives matter” in US. 2020 was also the year of US elections which brought Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris to office, on November 7 as chosen president and VP of the United States. Her statement “While I might be the first lady in office, I won’t be the last one” from Kamala’s speech echoed across the world and added to her prosperity. Not to forget the Brexit, which empowers both the EU and U.K. to set their own principles on geographical indications. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced stepping down from their duties as senior royals in Buckingham Palace. Twitter got hacked to promote a bitcoin scam and so did the Twitter accounts of prominent political figures, CEOs, and celebrities including Donald Trump. Barak Obama published a 768 page memoir. The pentagon released UFO videos. Oil prices also dived by as much as 30% in early trading, the largest fall since 1991.

Additionally, the episode of gang rape of 22 October, on Lahore-Gujranwala motorway raised numerous claims on Punjab police and National Highway law and order authorities this year. While in Sindh, this year Monsoon rain flooding the province revealed the hindered and distorted sanitation system. Year 2020 for Pakistan, where it brought deplorable occurrences like the air crash of PIA killing 97, it also brought proud achievements as Nigar Johar was appointed as first Women officer in Pak Army as lieutenant General and of Raina Khan winning Lady Diana award, bringing glory and pride to the nation.

This year will be remembered as a turnaround in human history. The second wave of COVID arrived and for now the world has tied its hopes on COVID vaccine and waiting for expeditious and fair distribution of vaccines across the globe.

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