Amna Munawwar Awan calls for institutionalization of Real Estate Industry


Islamabad: The renowned businesswoman and Forbes award holder, Amna Munawwar  Awan while addressing an event shared her inspiring success story that although she began her career by establishing a designing firm in 2000, it did not stop there and she established a range of firms there onwards including an architecture firm, a construction firm, to a real estate solution provider. In this regard, she also shed some light on her landmark projects with DHA and Fazaia, etc. Talking of the professional engagements she underscored over a decade of partnership with Gulberg Greens. She expressed gratitude and happiness over the productive and unflinching partnerships with Mr. Abdullah, the UBDL Town Planner for Gulberg Greens. She apprised that at the time the developers were Kamal Constructions and said she worked with IBCHS Management as their adviser on Corporate Development and Business Development. She expressed joy while talking about the UBDL team that joined this project. She also calls for the formation of a real estate authority, licensed based for marketing and sales. She further urged skill development initiatives for the real estate sector to boost the industry that has become the wheel of our national economy. While appreciating the Rudn Enclave project she was of the view that CSR initiative for training the youth aspirants of sales and marketing. Adding further, she mentioned that a successful marketing campaign further open the roads for the foreign direct investments in the real estate sectors by the investors. Senior management of real estate experts can be master trainers to the youngsters who can be the sub-agents to further increase the sale and marketing. To further promote the real estate industry she necessitated digitalization as a key tool. Amna Munawwar Awan also briefed the audience about her various ongoing projects and also narrated her career success stories as a businesswoman in the real estate industry. While in concluding remarks she offered her services, career expertise to add value addition in the real estate sector.

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