Amir Khan wants more fights in Saudi Arabia


JEDDAH: Two-time boxing world champion Amir Khan told a Jeddah audience that he dreams to have many more fights in Saudi Arabia. I have options to fight in America, England and Europe, but I came to Saudi because I know the future is here, Khan said. He was interviewed for a new comedy show to be aired soon on MBC 1 hosted by Himli Nattu.  Amir Khan will face Billy Dib in a special Fight Night event in Jeddah as a part of city’s season. The fight will take place on Friday, July 12 at King Abdullah Sports City’s Arena.

Khan said he used to make decisions with his fist, but as he grew older, he became more thoughtful about his choices: I have to think about the future, and that is the reason I am now in Saudi Arabia. Before coming to the Kingdom, Khan said that he had negative perceptions about Saudi Arabia, such as worrying for his safety and thinking that it would be a lifeless, boring country. However, he said he had a relaxed experience in the Kingdom. I have spent over two weeks here already, and I have to say it is one of my favorite countries, he said.

The Kingdom is so peaceful, and Makkah is around the corner, so I went there to do my prayers.

Khan’s family is coming to Saudi Arabia next week, and he said he was excited to show them Jeddah and enjoy the season together, noting that his daughter’s birthday is coming soon. He also introduced his coaches to the audience and talked about the nature of his job. Boxing is a very lonely sport when you’re fighting, you’re completely alone. But it’s good when you have a strong team with you, Khan said.

Asked about the most significant challenge he faces besides boxing, Khan said the biggest fight I have outside the ring is always with the wife, and she always wins. Despite the joke, Khan said he has many important fights outside the ring, for example, I do a lot of charity work, and I love helping poor people around the world, so those are big fights for me, Khan said.

He said he would always favor boxing and fame over fortune because the money comes and goes, but one should always follow their passion. The audience was extremely enthusiastic, Salim Ahmad from said he came to the event to see the famous boxer: I came here for Khan, I couldn’t bear missing this amazing chance to see the global star, he said. He has a very lovable character, and I am glad to know that he is enjoying his stay in my city. I really want him to win, and he definitely will, he added.

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