AJK celebrates World Mothers Day with exceptional love & affection


MIRPUR (AJK): To pay great respect and honor to the supreme relation of mother, a brief and simple ceremony held here on Sunday was the hallmark of World Mothers Day.

The World Day of expression of love with mothers was also observed across Azad Jammu Kashmir with the renewal of the pledge to love mothers as much as possible to keep the sole satisfied given the most dignified and supreme status of this relation as also enshrined by the teachings of Islam.

Sons and daughters conveyed good wishes to their mothers coupled with the prayer for the long lives of the mothers to keep the children intact with the blessing of this supreme relation. Whereas those unfortunate, who have lost this relation, prayed for the rest of the souls of their mothers in eternal peace.

Talking on the occasion, former AJK minister for women development and Chairperson Khdeeja Tul Kubra Al Binaat of Awaz Foundation AJK Mrs. Naheed Tariq highlighted the superiority and importance of this relation as also confided and determined in the teachings of Islam.

She emphasized the need for maintaining the high decorum of the relation of the mother by showing maximum respect and honor to this supreme relation all the time, especially in old age.

She said that although the mother is a small word the reality hidden in this word was ascertained only to those who, by now, have been deprived of this most superior relation.

She advised fully obeying the advice of her mother all the time especially at each step of their old age to keep the soul satisfied besides fully acting upon the Islamic teachings which enshrined the superior status of this supreme relation.

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