Afghanistan Quagmire


The Afghanistan Quagmire takes another stride as NATO official stated that the troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan will be extended by the given deadline due to the non-compliance and adherence of the Taliban’s to the peace process agreement. While in response Taliban’s timely withdrawal of the troops as per the agreement, on the other hand, the national government of Afghanistan throws its weight behind the fresh statement of the NATO official. Earlier, the new Biden administration also hinted about the reviewing of the Afghanistan deal due to the escalated violence pretreated by the Taliban and their nexus with Al-Qaida entities. Nevertheless, Islamabad as brokering actor urging the parties to hold the decided protocols of the deal because any further delay may pose ambiguous configurations. Given the current circumstance, the delay in a deal would ensure a colossal blow and the region may plugin in with enduring security crisis. Realistically, the US administration must continue with the decided clauses of the deal as none of its previously crafted policies have proven fruitful. The violence has intensified in the country and its national building plan in the aftermaths of war overtly failed. The country once again in the hands of mercenaries that have gained unprecedented power and there is no point in the confrontation. The US must realize the fact that its further operational engagement would further cause problems rather than bringing and viable resolutions to the countless issues that Afghanistan and the region are facing with. The US should ensure further rapprochement and reconciliation projects through the UN that would allow the state to regain power on its terms. The US must acknowledge that Af-Pak policy should not be reliant on the contours of the prowess attained by the Taliban, rather it should be dealt with separately. Pakistan seeks to establish ties with the US behind the Afghanistan Prism.


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