‘Affected by Indians and IPL’: Oborne launches scathing attack on ECB


Renowned British Journalist Peter Oborne, who is also author of “Wounded Tiger: The History of Cricket in Pakistan”, has launched a scathing attack on the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for withdrawing from the upcoming men’s and women’s tours of Pakistan.

While speaking on Sky News, Oborne said that the ECB is affected by player power and Indians.

“Look, the English cricket security assessment, we learned, was unchanged. It was judged to be safe. The British High Commission, we learned, was happy with this. Of course some events have been going on in Afghanistan but the security advice was that it was okay to travel,” said Oborne.

“This is a decision taken by the English cricket board and by the way why haven’t we heard from Ian Whatmore, chairman of the English cricket board. Why hasn’t he come out and justified that decision? Can you ask Invisible Ian to come on Sky TV and justify his decision because it stinks!” he added.

“They [ECB] are pusillanimous, they are afraid of the players, they are affected by the Indians and in particular the IPL… they are prepared to kick one of our closest allies, who we owe an enormous debt of gratitude and honour, in the teeth,” he further stated.

He also stated that ECB’s decision is a blow to world cricket and not just Pakistan.

“Well it’s not just a blow to Pakistan cricket, it’s a blow to world cricket. Pakistan is one of the brilliant and wonderful teams in the world,” he concluded.

It must be noted that England cricket chiefs on Monday withdrew their men’s and women’s teams from next month’s white-ball series in Pakistan citing “increasing concerns about travelling to the region” in a bitter blow to the South Asian nation.

The England tour cancellation is a huge setback for Pakistan, which became a no-go area for international teams after a deadly 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore.

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