The daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan was kidnapped in Islamabad. Silsila Alikhil was seized on her way home on Friday and held for several hours. It’s been said that she was severely tortured. However, after the release she is under proper medical care. Strongly condemning the “heinous act,” the Afghan government expressed its deepest concerns over the safety and security of diplomats, their families, and staff members connected to Afghan political and consular missions in Pakistan.

In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan instructed the interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed to use all the resources to arrest the people involved in this act within 48 hours. The FO said the Islamabad police had launched a thorough investigation as soon as the disturbing incident surfaced on Friday.

This greatly hampered the already strained relations of Pakistan and the afghan government. The afghan government called back the Afghanistan’s Ambassador and senior diplomats from Pakistan until all the security concerns are addressed. This includes the arrest and trial of the kidnapers. Further, an Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan soon to assess the situation.

This accident resulted into the delay of Afghan Peace Conference that was scheduled in Islamabad from 17th to 19th July.  Lately, the relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan government is already deteriorating because of the Taliban. Relations between Pakistan and its neighbor Afghanistan remain tense, with Kabul accusing Islamabad of arming and supporting Taliban insurgents. Pakistan has denied the charges.  This incident further added fuel to the grave situation. Apart from this, it greatly hampered the international image of Pakistan. As now the incident has been covered by international media portraying Pakistan as an unsafe place.

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