A Glimpse from a sister’s eye

The world has seen many a great day,

But not one like the “Quaid-I-Azam Day”

Many great events have come to pass

Time has seen them plenty

But it has seen less of a great event

Like the Day graced by Jinnah the Exalted

Max Weber defines Charisma as a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural, super human or at least specifically exceptional qualities on the basis of which an individual concerned is treated as leader.  Quaid the great charismatic leader of sub continent was not only a person who guided the whole nation but he himself was a way forward towards prosperity and success of the Muslims of sub continent. Being a true leader to his people he had not only led them politically and strategically but also had provided them a vision.  Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam are the two words that occur always together in the history of sub continent. In other words both have become necessary for each other. Pakistan is the name and Quaid is the soul. Pakistan was the aim and Quaid was the seeker. Pakistan was the idea with complete ideology and the Quaid was the animator but along with all these necessary elements in personal life he was a brother as well. A very loving and supportive brother. He himself used to say Fatima Jinnah is a constant source of help and encouragement to me. In the days when I was expecting to be taken as a prisoner by the British government. It was my sister who encouragement me and said hopeful things when revolution was staring me in the face. Her constant care is about my health. Fatima Jinnah also mentioned in her book that she wrote for Quaid by the name of “My Brother” that he was aware of the peril failing health posed , thus wanted to do whatever he could to build the new country whose existence was precarious owing to lack of resources and enormous challenges on the  economic and political fronts. Quaid’s image is a beacon of guidance and inspiration for the whole nation. His dynamism, courage, iron will, indomitable resolution and determination, lifelong struggle and perseverance will continue to enrich the nation. He carried on the struggle of freedom almost single handedly and won it. Such was the man we know as Quaid-I-Azam whose integrity, honesty, sincerity and straightforwardness could not be questioned. He being a brother was fully aware of his responsibilities along with the highly professional life full with the struggles and commitments that he had to fulfill. We can never thank him enough for what he had done.

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