A Fatal Drug In Town.


Noticeable euphoria, drowsiness, slowed breathing, loss of coxncentration, a vacant look in the eyes, irritability, social isolation, headaches, fatigue, inability to sleep, anxiety; just name it and they have it. At least, not a drug everyone is aware of; this drug in town is none other than “cyberspace”. For the past few years it is doing the work of opium for all. It has created more havoc than the real drugs. The effects may not be physically that noticeable, but psychologically it is changing the personalities especially of the younger lot. Just like drugs that make one unaware and unconscious of the real world, this cyber world has taken over the minds of everyone. Everybody is so into other people’s lives that sometimes they forget that everything seen online is not actually true. Half of the people are fake. Someone who seems to be in a wonderland might be suffering from depression. That is what cyberspace does. It has become a common dilemma of the society that everything they do on daily basis should be informed to the world e.g. from drinking water to going to bed for sleep. This is the outcome of unlimited involvement in cyber world and it is an ultimate distraction from distraction by a distraction. It is so huge, so very impressive and so needless that for some it is a replacement for life. Unfortunately, the percentage of people using internet exclusively is increasing day by day; from the most developed countries to the Third World countries. People have becomes slaves of it but the difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware of the fact that they are not free. Nowadays, if one is not a part of the cyber world then he is considered to be old-fashioned or someone who lives in the past due to which no one can afford staying aloof. Minds prefer to stare at a screen for hours instead of reading a good book. One likes to talk to strangers instead of one’s own family members. People make hundreds of e-friends but trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbour. Communication, interaction, genuine emotions, everthing that is supposed to soothe the minds has been lost. Being in a cyber world for hours causes a lot of problems like lack of concentration, dwindeling grades, failing of relationships, privacy violation, child molestation, child pronography, wastage of time, less physical and mental activities, and the list goes on and on. There are so many rehab centres for actual drug addicts; for people who actually use opium but what about the metaphorical opium that everyone is addicted to? The brain imaging studies show that the unlimited screen exposure neurologically damages a person’s brain just as cocaine addiction does. Kids are seen hyponotically staring at glowing screens in restaurants, playgrounds, houses and the numbers are growing. The glow kids are multiplying and are being hijacked. Who would not want to be in the feeling of euphoria, how time flies when you are on it, the numbness of the body and mind, no need for human contact, makes one light-headed, makes him feel on top of the world, but when the high comes down one is left irritable. People are living in a virtual world today. Where the reality has become virtual and virtuality has become the reality. Everyone is high on this drug and if particularly talking about the kids; well their teachers and parents encourage them for being high on it. No one is paying attention to the repercussions of this drug, but this drug has claimed more lives than any other drug known to man. People die in car accidents which are caused by complete submission to the cyber world. People have fallen off clips, ran over by trains, have drowned when trying to take selfies so that they can post on Facebook and look cool for a few minutes. Teenagers have been abducted and raped just by sharing their locations. People are living in a fast-paced world with no one to slow them down. Parents buy for their kids hand held devices; thinking that it is the best thing for them. They might as well just give them a gun as it would be quicker and less painful that way. This is the reality; cyberspace is doing more harm than good. Technology is so fast-paced that even governments are facing tough time keeping up with the regulations. Laws are being passed but are not being inforced. A generation full duds is being raised, where they have information about everything but even then they are clueless. Around 77.7% of Pakistan’s total population is using cell phones. Really, in a country where the literacy rate is below the world norms; there are uneducated people surfing the superhighway of information. Well, that is a cause for concern just within itself. People should be more concerned about their literacy rate but are more concerned about how many likes they will get.

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