9th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process


Amidst worldwide unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, the 9th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process (HoA-IP) Ministerial Conference- with the theme of “Strengthening Consensus for Peace and Development” being held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Foreign Minster Shah Mahmood Qureshi leading Pakistan’s delegation in the event and vows to highlight Pakistan’s positive contributions to the Afghan peace process and its assistance for Afghanistan’s development and connectivity within the regional framework.

In retrospect, The Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process, initiated in the year 2011, is a significant platform to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in Afghanistan through regional cooperation, confidence-building measures (CBMs), and dialogue. Pakistan ascribes high importance to this process and has been a regular contributor to the advancement of its objectives. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan is one of the leading countries for Disaster Management and Agriculture Development CBMs under the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process. The event also holds immense significance as it may open new corridors of engagement between the participating nations at the state and inter-state levels.

Notably, Pakistan has emerged as a key global actor when it comes to regional security affairs. Evidently, it has broadened the sphere of cooperation with all the regional states through fostering ties with positive-sum gains. Since HoA predominately focuses on the Afghanistan crisis therefore at this critical juncture of the conflict any effort from the participating actors for the conflict management would not only bring peace in Afghanistan but will also draw new lines of regional geopolitical paradigms based on the core principles of social, economic and security engagement for collective regional progress and stability. At a bilateral level, it offers the opportunity for the states to further uplift the dynamic of their relations and pursue desirable goals by harnessing multifarious ways of diplomatic engagement and cooperation.

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